Battery Replacement Services

For all UPS systems manufactured by Vertiv, Liebert, and Delta, we offer battery replacement services. The customer’s preferences, such as battery brand, warranty, and after-sales, can be taken into account while customizing this service.

How We Works


Before the Battery Replacement agreement is signed, we will do a thorough examination and prepare the site. This prevents errors in judgment that lead to cost overruns. ​

Submit Proposal

Following the survey and evaluation process, we will offer a complete Battery Replacement solution that includes the schedule, the quality of service offered, and the maintenance fees. By modifying our customers’ budgets, we continue to prioritize the best option in this session. To ensure that our customers are completely satisfied, we work hard to offer the best solution. ​

Battery Replacement Process

We make sure that a group of qualified professionals complete each Battery Replacement operation. We will offer a summary of the report on the results of the replacement, along with the recommendations made.