NPS Power Distribution Solution

Increasing rack power density in the data center and at the network edge necessitates dependable power distribution. Our unique power distribution units and rack PDUs not only keep the lights on, but also allow us to assist you with any issues your IT infrastructure may face. Vertiv’s solutions, which range from basic PDUs to monitored and switched rack power distribution units to lockable receptacles, will provide the power distribution you require, as well as remote monitoring and management of your assets’ power usage, so you can rest certain that everything is working at optimal performance.

Vertiv Liebert APT

Vertiv Geist Basic Rack PDU

Vertiv Geist Monitored Rack PDU

Vertiv™ Geist™ Switched Rack PDU

Vertiv Geist Metered Rack PDU

Vertiv™ Geist™ Rack Transfer Switch