Data Center Design & Engineering

NPS offers data center services based on an interdisciplinary approach derived from our knowledge base and framework of reusable methodologies. NPS has over 10 years of expertise in designing, building, and running mission-critical facilities, for a variety of clients in diverse industry sectors.

We are complete consulting, engineering, and design professionals for data centers with a focus in each of the major verticals.

Data centers, computer rooms, web hosting facilities, network operations centers, telecommunications centers, as well as other highly technological facilities with always-ready requirements are our areas of expertise. We also provide continuing maintenance for these facilities.

We play a significant role in both the design of new facilities and the renovation and upgrading of current data centers. In each instance, we play a key role in integrating cutting-edge support infrastructure technologies, such as:

The Data Center Design Process

An extensive examination of the facilities and systems already in place is the first step in effective data center architecture. In order to define and quantify project needs and to establish a knowledge of trends and migration methods needed to react to future changes, we then collaborate with the IT and facility employees. Finally, we create a conceptual data center architecture that may be used to create construction costs.

 Your intricate, multi-vendor data center infrastructure can be planned, designed, engineered, deployed, optimized, monitored, and managed by us. Your organization’s success depends more than ever on having a solid data center architecture that is scalable, available, and secure. Our wide range of services can assist you in maximizing your investments, enhancing performance, achieving availability goals, and averting expensive issues.

Data Center Design Details

To provide the solutions and infrastructure that mission-critical institutions require, we are uniquely positioned in the market.


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