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Cisco Call Manager Solution


Cisco Unified Communication (UC) integrates voice, video, data and mobility products and applications with an IP-based communications system. It makes communication more effective and secure and can change the way we communicate. UC represents a paradigm shift like the one of telegraph invention. By using voice, video and data integration, UC eliminates the geographic barriers to effective communication. You can carry on business with an advancing and evolving fluidity. Information has long been on our fingertips, but UC enables knowledge and value to be shared by this information. 

CISCO UC is an integrated solution comprising network infrastructure, security, mobility, products for network management, lifecycle services, flexible and outsourced management options, end user, partner financing and communication applications for third parties. By creating more effective communication, Cisco UC can dramatically change the business outlook without losing a personalized conversation. More effective communication leads to less time for commercialization and a quick and collaborative transformation of business processes. 

The Cisco UC strategy includes the transmission of voice, video, and data within a single network infrastructure. Cisco UC devices are able to manage all three types of traffic and interface with all standard network protocols. The new way to supply UC functionality to company customers is through Cisco IP Communications. Cisco UC provides a coordinated release of an integrated set of products that are tested, documented, and supported as a system rather than delivers a collection of disjointed products with individual release dates, test methodology, and documents.

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